Please be mindful and adhere to the length of session we have agreed upon. Please do not wait for me to ask you to leave at the end of your date or I will unlikely see you again if you take advantage of my time. I am a polite person so putting me in the position of alerting you that your time has finished is disheartening and will make me extremely uncomfortable.

if you are not good at following directions, then my Place would not BE a good option for you,  IF this is the case, to save both of us a lot of time and hassle I would prefer to come to you.


"Etiquette is the fine tuning of education."  Nadine Daher

I am delighted that you would like to spend some time with me.  Please take a moment to review my etiquette page to ensure that our time together is safe and enjoyable for the both of us.



- I ask that you please take the time to read over my entire website before contacting me.

- I primarily communicate by email.  Please be discreet in your correspondence with me. 

- Please provide all the necessary screening requirements as stated on my Contact Page.



- Pre-booking is highly recommended.

- Pre-booking is best to ensure my availability.

- Please do not contact me asking for one hour appointments. I’m a low volume provider and I only meet a limited number of gentlemen who prefer quality over quantity and care for my sanity and my well being. 

I meet only gentleman who understand that their time with me will be a top notch experience if I’m not overwhelmed by multiple appointments.  Please understand that I do not enjoy my time on a rush, so asking for one hour appointments will give a very bad impression about your expectations for yourself and what you deserve. It is also considered haggling and I won’t meet you.

If you think I'm very expensive for your budget there are lots of other options out there for you, but for me I have to do what it takes to make sure that I'm in the best mood for my clients that respect and appreciate my time. 



- There is never any need to discuss services via email or phone.

- The best way to anticipate what a date might be like with me is to read my reviews on


Outfit Requests

I don’t accept outfit requests for dinner dates or when I arrive to visit you. I enjoy expressing myself in the way that I dress and I would be very uncomfortable wearing something that I do not like in public.  You and I will have a much better time together if I can be myself. The best date you will have is when your Companion is allowed to be herself and comfortable in her own skin.  I want us to have the best time, so tell me where we are going and trust my judgment as I will always look my best for you.  Of course, I can wear whatever you like behind closed doors. 



- My rates are non-negotiable, please respect that.

- Please place the unsealed envelope with proper donation on a table in clear view and then excuse yourself to the bathroom. If I come to you, please leave envelope on bathroom vanity.


- Please be considerate of my time as I will yours.

- Please be mindful and adhere to the length of session we have agreed upon.

- If our chemistry is electric and if my schedule allows, I will be more than happy to extend our date with proper donation.

- Please be prompt for your appointment. Please do not arrive early or late.

- If you are going to be late please let me know right away, not after your session starts.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel our engagement, I am very understanding if you give reasonable notice.


SAME DAY CANCELLATION FEE IS 50% OF THE DONATION. To be paid same day of cancellation not when you reschedule or I will not let you schedule again; or after third cancellation in a row. No deposit required for Dallas. 


DEPOSIT of 25% of the donation will be required when on tour. Any meeting cancelled with less than 48 hour notice will be subject to a cancellation fee of 25% and forfeit of your deposit. The deposit is refundable if I must cancel our date for any unforeseen circumstances.


- Please be sure that you are clean, clean, clean! We will enjoy our time together a lot more if you are smelling fresh for me.

- Upon arrival, you will need to wash your hands at minimum. You will also have the chance to freshen up if needed.

- I love a clean shaving man! No stubble and 5 o'clock shadow...new razors are always available at my place. I have no problem with short or long beards as long as they’re not scratchy.


And Last But not in the least....Manners

- People with no respect for the adult industry and those who do not view it as a serious job are not welcome in my life.  Please note that questions like...Why you are doing "this" are so uncomfortable to me.  Also comments like...You are too nice/ smart to do "this" are not considered compliments to me.  "This" is called the Adult Entertainment Industry and it's caring work, if you don't acknowledge it that way, and you live in guilt please don't contact me or project this negative energy on me. 

- I invite those who approach me in a gentlemanly and intelligent manner.

- I dislike emotional manipulation, giving an inch and expecting a mile kind of games.  I am good at spotting manipulators and will stop all communication with those who try.

- I do not suffer fools gladly.  Being respectful will go a long way with me.

- I will instantly dismiss those who behave or speak inappropriately.

Now that all the boring stuff is out of the way....let's play and have some fun!!!! ;-)